Clogged drains in your home or condo? Restaurant toilets and sinks backing up or draining slowly. Call McKinzie Plumbing now!

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Toilets and sinks back up just before family arrives for the holidays. Call our experienced team of Orange Beach plumbers and you will see first hand how well we respond to emergency plumber situations like sewer repair. The training we provide our crews is unsurpassed in the Dallas - FT Worth, Alabama area.

Video Inspection of Sewer Lines

The Orange Beach plumber team will use the latest technology available to locate and see first hand the blockage in your drain

lines. You don't have to guess when you can see it on our video equipment. Your blockage may be roots and require a snake to cut out the blockage. There may be a belly in the pipe due to the soil settling. We will locate and repair the sewer line problem fast and at a low cost to you.

A Orange Beach sewer repair problem could be triggered with a bigger sewer plug line blockage. The sewer plug lines are also known to because the sewer primary, it's the greatest drain pipe present in a drain plumbing system, this pipe is about 3" or 4" across. It's also known as primary drain because the rest of the piping systems drain into this bigger pipe.

When the sewer plug lines are clogged, stop all running water in your Orange Beach home before the dilemma continues to be isolated or fixed. A homeowner should know the way the drain lines in their house are laid out just in case there is a problem, you'll have the ability to immediately find the plumbing problem and effectively do something about it.

Your Orange Beach sewer line may be as much as ten to fifteen feet deep adding where they're going into house typically at or near foundation. A licensed, bonded and insured Orange Beach plumber should be the one doing this type of work.  A city or county inspector should always inspect the installation area and make sure the permits are pulled, along with the fees you'll have to pay.

Sewer gases may damage your wellbeing or possibly be explosive. In addition, PVC is not employed for sewer apart from ventilation stacks for toilets, laundry room, kitchen and bathroom sinks which go up through roof.

Sewer lines, like most things in life, don't last forever. If pipes are twenty or thirty years old, a lot more likely you will experience issues with them. Although properly installed pipes made from PVC  are meant last a century, older pipes are usually produced from clay or iron or steel, as well as other substance that could only last half that time. For individuals who've a mature home which was built prior to the late eighties, there's a high probability you are coping with terracotta clay sewer pipes.